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WARRANTY STATEMENT (valid from March 23, 2021)

1. The warranty is granted for a period of 12 months, counted from the date of receipt of the goods.

2. The warranty is valid with the document of purchase of the goods and this warranty document attached to the sold goods.

3. During the warranty period, any part found to be defective will be replaced, or, if this is not possible, the customer will receive a refund.

4. The warranty does not cover typically consumable, used parts such as: rollers, tensioners, timing tensioner, and belts, timing drive chains and oil pumps; rollers, tensioners, pulleys and engine accessories drive belts; glow plugs and spark plugs; coolant pumps; gaskets and sealants (does not apply to the head gasket); filters; shells. The sensors and plastic housings for the timing gear are covered by the warranty only if they are sold. The Seller is not responsible for the consequences of breaking or skipping the timing belts/chains.

5. The Seller provides an additional 30-day warranty, according to which, in the event of the need to assemble and disassemble the purchased goods that turned out to be defective, the Seller will pay the Buyer an amount equal to 25% of the gross price of the purchased defective goods, but not less than PLN 50 gross (fifty zlotys) and not more than PLN 1500 gross (one thousand five hundred zlotys), towards the reimbursement of assembly and disassembly costs of the defective part.

6. If the goods are purchased in a currency other than the Polish zloty, the amount referred to in paragraph 5 will be paid in the foreign currency in which the goods were purchased, after conversion according to the average exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland, as at the date of sale of the goods.

7. Payment of the amount referred to in paragraph 5, does not apply to the situation in which the goods were sold as damaged or as goods subject to regeneration.

8. To meet the deadline and exercise the rights referred to in paragraph 5, it is necessary that within 30 days of receipt of the purchased goods, the Buyer reports to the Seller the fact that the purchased goods are inoperational, documented with photos or a recording confirming the installation of the purchased goods.

9. A necessary condition to maintain the rights referred to in paragraph 5 of this warranty is the assembly and disassembly of the goods in a professional car workshop.

10. Payment of the amount referred to in paragraph 5 takes place after the conditions specified in sec. 8 - 9, on the basis of a VAT invoice issued to the Seller by a workshop performing the service of assembly and disassembly of the purchased goods.

11. In the event of a justified complaint, the Seller will refund the equivalent of the claimed goods and the cost of shipping them to the Customer. 

12. When purchasing many items of goods, and a justified complaint about some of them, the cost of return shipping remains on the side of the Customer.

13. The goods are returned at the Customer's expense.

14. The Seller does not accept parcels sent in “cash on delivery” form, or sent at the expense of the Seller.

15. Regardless of the reason for the return, the Seller does not cover the costs related to diagnostics of the purchased goods and vehicle’s pause in operation.

16. The Seller undertakes to perform the obligations arising from the warranty within 30 days from the date of the correct notification of the defect of the goods sold.

17. The goods sold are marked. Removal of the markings of the goods or disassembly of the goods results in the loss of the granted guarantee.

18. The liability under the guarantee covers only the defects resulting from the reasons inherent in the goods sold.

19. The parts’ assembly shall be understood as the acceptance of the warranty terms.